Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

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We went to get our chickens today!

601774770We took a field trip to Poultry Hollow today. Our friends Tanya and Rob and their two kids went with us. We had a blast! We picked out 5 birds of different breeds. The black one is a Bared Plymouth Rock, the white one is a Light Brahma. She is only 5 weeks and still has yellow baby chick fuzz on her head. The bird that my son is holding in this picture is a Faverolle. She will have a fuzzy face and fuzzy toes when she is full grown. I can’t wait to see it. She should be pretty. We also got a Speckled Sussex hen and a Red Star. All five hens are between 5 weeks and 9 weeks so I am calculating our first eggs should come at the end of August or beginning of September.


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We can have chickens!

420We just found out that we can have 6 hens. The ordinance says that on our .39 of an acre we can have 6 hens but no roosters. I don’t mind that at all! The only bummer is that we cant have more hens. So my husband and our friend Rob are building the coop right now. This is how far they have gotten so far.  More pictures to come!!

Can you tell I am excited?

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Progress on our garden

We are making progress on our garden beds. They are almost done! My friend Tanya and I went and picked up a bunch of used untreated wooden pallets that we are re-purposig into all kids of cool things! We are on a tight budget and wood gets expensive so we are using some of these for part of our garden beds. They dont look custom but they get the job done!