Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

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Meet Gigi

822We just got our sixth hen. She is older then the rest and laying already. It may take her a few weeks to settle into her new home before she starts laying again. She is an Easter Egger hen. She has the green egg gene so I can not wait to see her eggs when she starts laying!  I have never tried to add a hen to an existing flock so I hope there isn’t too much disruption to the pecking order of my hens. I think watching chickens is better then any TV show!


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My girls

809761I love having chickens. I originally got chickens because I wanted the manure for my compost to feed into the garden. And of course I wanted fresh eggs from chickens that were happy, healthy, free ranged, and not fed any chemicals, hormones or pesticides. But I never imagined how much I would come to love them in such a short time! They are so fun to watch. They all have their own personalities. They are still pretty skittish but they will eat out of our hands if we are very still. I hope one day they will come to love and trust us.

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The chickens are settling in!

610585579We have had our girls for about a week now. They seem to be settling in well. They are so little still. I cant wait to see them when they reach maturity. This is a learning process for us. We have never had chickens before. My grandparents had chickens when I was growing up and I always had so much fun collecting eggs and helping with their garden so I am thrilled that my kids will get the same experiences that I did. My friend Tanya (pictured above) has been helping me with the garden and the chickens. Its been a bonding experience for us. It is so very nice to have close friends!