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We lost our first chicken

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It is a sad day for us today. Our white Brahma hen died. I don’t know why she died. I couldn’t do anything to help her. It makes me so sad! I feel so useless. I have a long way to go in learning how to care for chickens. You really don’t know it all until and unless you know how to help sick chickens. Even when you do know it all…. you can still lose them to all kinds of illnesses and there just isn’t much you can do! I am so frustrated! We looked her all over, there are no external signs of illness. She just sat around all day in one spot. At night fall I went to close the girls in for the night and she was still sitting in the same place she was in the afternoon and all the other hens had gone to roost in the coop. I scooped her up but she didn’t act right so I brought her into the garage and made her a nest out of a cardboard box so I could watch her closely. By about 2 am she was gone. Makes me so very sad I couldn’t help her.


Author: stephdt3

My 3 children and I live on 14 acres in Savannah Ga. I have worked hard at turning the property into a thriving, self sufficient homestead. It has been a learning experience and a lot of hard work but its so worth it. I don't understand how our country became so consumer driven. We have lost so much of our production way of life. It is my goal to get back to basics any way that I can. My three children used be so hooked on TV, video games, computers, iphones and ipads. And while they still like those things, they now spend just as much time outside as they do inside. I hope by learning to raise chickens and rabbits, growing gardens, raising goats and riding horses and spending more time outdoors in general, my children will learn to love and appreciate a simpler way of life. I knew nothing about homesteading when I started this journey but I have learned so much and love every minute of it.

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