Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

Happy chickens in the garden

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I planted some winter rye once my tomatoes died back. I planted it for two reasons. 1. It is a great cover crop to plant in the fall. It helps to keep nutrients in the soil as well as to keep the top soil to wash away during winter rain. Reason number 2. My chickens love to eat it. Winter rye is a great fall and winter green for chickens to snack on. IMG_0300IMG_0301Here are my 5 hens snacking on the winter rye I planted for them. The white one is Lu Lu, Gigi, is the black one with a tint of green in her feathers, Molly is the red one, Stormy is the white and black one and Penny is the copper colored one. I love my girls. It makes me smile to watch them.


Author: stephdt3

My 3 children and I live on 14 acres in Savannah Ga. I have worked hard at turning the property into a thriving, self sufficient homestead. It has been a learning experience and a lot of hard work but its so worth it. I don't understand how our country became so consumer driven. We have lost so much of our production way of life. It is my goal to get back to basics any way that I can. My three children used be so hooked on TV, video games, computers, iphones and ipads. And while they still like those things, they now spend just as much time outside as they do inside. I hope by learning to raise chickens and rabbits, growing gardens, raising goats and riding horses and spending more time outdoors in general, my children will learn to love and appreciate a simpler way of life. I knew nothing about homesteading when I started this journey but I have learned so much and love every minute of it.

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