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Where did all the guns go?

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Life without firearms

The current upheaval over threat of new restrictive firearms laws has resulted in a massive buy up of guns across the country. This got me thinking about other way to protect oneself and family. If you waited to buy a gun, then chances are, you wont find one anytime soon. Its near impossible to find a gun in stock at any retailer. Bullets are on back order…. some say for 12 months or longer.
Guns, while extremely useful, are not the only forms of protection available to you. If a person is serious about learning other forms, as we have, then there are an abundant amount of choices to choose from.

Bow and Arrows




Throwing knives


Blunt Objects

Fire or Flame Throwers

Self Protection Classes

Karate, taekwondo etc.

This is just a few that I could think of. Feel free to list any others that you think of in the comment section below

The nice thing about all of these is that it is not regulated by the government. You don’t have to fill out a background check and you don’t end up on some government list. I don’t hold to all the conspiracy theories but there is something to be said about having self protection that the government doesn’t know about. After all…. if the government doesn’t know about it, then they can’t take away!

Using a bow and arrow is, for some, an art form. It takes lots of dedication, focus and practice to get the accuracy needed to use a bow and arrow. I would love to learn to use a bow and arrow at some point.

If you use a crossbow and use a scope with it, then your accuracy will improve but it will still take quite a bit of practice to get the scope sited in.

I got my husband a set of throwing knives for Christmas. It has been fun trying to hit the target. I can tell you from personal experience that using throwing knives is extremely hard and takes an obscene amount of practice! But its fun and we practice when we have time. More often then not, we miss the target or the knife bounces off instead of sticking in by the tip of the blade. We need more practice.

Blunt objects and flame throwers are a matter of preference. I don’t know the first thing about making a flame thrower or buying one for that matter. There must be information available on the Internet if one chooses to look.

Hand to hand combat and self protection classes are a good idea regardless of circumstances. There are bad people in this world that wont give a second thought about hurting you just for the few bucks in your pocket. Being able to defend yourself will help you in any situation you find yourself in.

Finding the right form of protection is a personal preference. It doesn’t matter what form you choose. The important part is that you have a way to protect those you love.


Author: stephdt3

My 3 children and I live on 14 acres in Savannah Ga. I have worked hard at turning the property into a thriving, self sufficient homestead. It has been a learning experience and a lot of hard work but its so worth it. I don't understand how our country became so consumer driven. We have lost so much of our production way of life. It is my goal to get back to basics any way that I can. My three children used be so hooked on TV, video games, computers, iphones and ipads. And while they still like those things, they now spend just as much time outside as they do inside. I hope by learning to raise chickens and rabbits, growing gardens, raising goats and riding horses and spending more time outdoors in general, my children will learn to love and appreciate a simpler way of life. I knew nothing about homesteading when I started this journey but I have learned so much and love every minute of it.

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