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How to can Spicy Jalapeño Carrots

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Have you ever had great Mexican food? I’m talking about the real authentic stuff. If you have ever been to Mexico, then you know what I’m talking about. The spices and flavors are so different from what you get at the Americanized Mexican restaurants here in the states. Sometimes you can find a Taco stand around town that are pretty amazing. When your lucky enough to find one of these little stands, don’t pass it by!
I first tried spicy Jalapeño Carrots from one of these Taco stands. I don’t usually like extremely spicy foods but I make an exception for these. They have great flavor and, eaten slowly, I can handle the spice too.
I was at Costco a few weeks back and got a very large bag of Organic carrots. I love the my kids love carrots so much but even they can’t eat carrots in this quantity. I decided to put a batch of sliced carrots in my food dehydrator and gave our rabbits the ends and peels. I still had over half a bag left so I went in search of a good Jalapeño carrot recipe.
I found a few good recipes but I decided to make my own.
Directions for Canning Jalapeño Peppers and Carrots:
2/3 lb Jalapeño Peppers.
1 1/2 lb Large carrots peeled and sliced ¼ inch thick, on an angel.
One Large yellow onion thinly sliced.

• Slice the smooth, unmarked Jalapeño peppers about ¼ inch wide and set aside in a bowl of hot water.
• Look for large, straight carrots that are at least 1 ½ inch in diameter at the top. Peel the carrots, rinse and slice on an angle. Set the carrot slices in the same bowl of hot water with the peppers.
• Thinly slice one large yellow sweet onion and place in the bowl with the peppers and carrots. (I diced mine this time but I think slices would be better.)
• Put jars and rings through the dish washer and run it through on a hot cycle. Put the flat lids in a pot of water to boil.
To make the brine:
8 cups of white vinegar
3 cups of white granulated sugar.
8 teaspoons of Pickling salt. (I used Kosher Salt)
• Bring these three ingredients to a boil and make sure they are dissolved completely.


• Place your peppers, carrots and onions into the hot jars and pour the hot brine over them leaving about ½ inch of headspace at the top of the jar. Pack them in as tightly as you can. I didn’t and I had lots of unused space at the bottom of my jars when I was done.
• Clean off the rim of your jars with a clean towel.
• Put a sterilized lid on the jar and twist on a band. Adjust the lid as you turn down on the band. Leave the band a little loose, just tight enough to keep the lid in place during processing.

• Once your water in your water bath canner (or large pot) is at a rapid boil, set your timer and process in a water bath for 10 minutes. Make sure that your water is boiling after all your jars are in the water. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get the water boiling again. Check processing guidelines for higher elevation processing times. Remove from the canning pot after cooking and let cool for about 12 hours before moving them. Store them in a cool dark place. Store these for 4 weeks before opening so that the flavors have time to absorb.


• This recipe makes 4 quarts or 8 pints.


Author: stephdt3

My 3 children and I live on 14 acres in Savannah Ga. I have worked hard at turning the property into a thriving, self sufficient homestead. It has been a learning experience and a lot of hard work but its so worth it. I don't understand how our country became so consumer driven. We have lost so much of our production way of life. It is my goal to get back to basics any way that I can. My three children used be so hooked on TV, video games, computers, iphones and ipads. And while they still like those things, they now spend just as much time outside as they do inside. I hope by learning to raise chickens and rabbits, growing gardens, raising goats and riding horses and spending more time outdoors in general, my children will learn to love and appreciate a simpler way of life. I knew nothing about homesteading when I started this journey but I have learned so much and love every minute of it.

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  1. they look delicious! Thanks so much for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! I hope you’ll stop by again this week and check out the Autumn Giveaway!

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