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Strawberry Jam

Not much can top home made strawberry jam grown from fresh, pesticide-free strawberries grown in your own back yard!
I am pretty proud of the fact that my 40 strawberry plants from last season tripled this season. I have almost 150 plants out back right now. I love strawberries and the fact that I got so many berries out of those original 40 plants makes me happy.
We have not grown much this season because we are moving right smack dab in the middle of the growing season. I feel like this season is a complete waste! But I do have some homemade jam so all is not lost. We took some pictures while we made our jam and canned it.
Here they are.
Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam1

strawberry jam2

strawberry jam3

strawberry jam5

strawberry jame4

These pictures were taken with my cell phone so please except my apologies for the poor picture quality.


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We are moving to 14 acres!

My husband took a job in Savannah Georgia so well will be moving soon. He has been there for two months already but I stayed behind so that our daughter could finish out the school year. We have been looking for a rental house for about a month and we found one that couldn’t be more perfect! Its bigger then our house now, costs less, and is on 14 acres! On top of that is the fact that it has an eight stall barn! I am so excited!
I cant wait to get my hands into the soil. I plan a very large garden for the following growing season. This season is pretty much wasted since we will be moving right smack dab in the middle of the summer. I have a few tomato plants in pots and some herbs and a few other odds and ends but I didn’t not start seeds for my raised beds since we wont be here long enough for them to ripen. I planted garlic and onions before I knew we were moving but I think I will be able to harvest those before we leave. They wont be as big as I had hoped but they wont go to waste.

Oh man… now I need to start packing…… sigh