Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

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My new little sweeties

Here are my chicks settling in to their temporary brooder. Its just a Rubbermaid container with a heat lamp above it, but it gets the job done. We move in two and a half weeks so they will get a bigger area as soon as we get to our new house.

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Our first blue eggs!

I went out to the coop yesterday morning to collect the eggs and their in the center of the nest was a very little light blue egg! I expected two brown eggs and one green egg but the blue one was a surprise! I hadnt expected the three 5 month old hens to start laying for another month yet. I am so excited to be getting blue eggs. I love having a rainbow of eggs! Today, I went out and there were two blue eggs along with the other eggs. Just waiting on the last hen to start laying now.

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My chicks hatch today!

The breeder I ordered from just sent me an email saying that my 20 chicks had started to hatch and that I can come pick them up this afternoon. I am so excited!! I ordered 4 wheaten Ameraucana, 4 Lavender Ameraucana, 4 barred and blue rocks, 4 Marans, 2 German New Hampshire, and 2 Blue laced red Wyandottes.
These little guys will be added to my six hens. I have one Light Brahma, one Red Star, and one Easter Egger that lays green eggs. I also have three blue egg layers that are Ameraucana X leghorn cross.
My new chicks will be just hours old when I bring them home. I hope with much handling, they wont be as stand offish as my other hens. Can’t wait to meet them!