Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

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Chicken Run

We are unpacked and settled into our new house! It stopped raining for two days! Yay! We broke ground on our chicken coop as soon as the rain stopped. We had to go out and buy rain boots first because it may have stopped raining but the ground is by no means dry.
The Chicken run is very basic… no real coop at all… just a chicken yard with a metal roof and fully fenced. We decided on 14X20 square feet, which is large enough to accommodate the chicks that are growing more every day. They will be big enough to be put in with the hens soon.
It took us a few days to finish but its done! We added roosting perches and nest boxes made out of Rubbermaid bins with the side cut out. We added hay to the nest boxes and put their food and water in the run. Then my husband and I ran around chasing chickens, looking ridiculous! Good thing there are no houses in site and no one can see us! The chickens were caught and taken into their new home and there they will stay for at least two weeks. Its funny how chickens tend to stay close to home even when they are let out. I like that about my hens so keeping them in their new home for two weeks will hopefully make them feel like this new coop is “home”.
Upon arrival at our new house, we put the baby chicks into the chicken coop that we brought with us, displacing the adult hens. So until we built them a new home, they roamed free. The problem with this was they liked to roam free on our deck! And anyone with chickens knows chickens poop… a lot! And I can tell you from first hand experience, they are not picky about where they do their business! Needless to say, their new chicken run couldn’t be built soon enough!




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14 Acres!

I took a break from unpacking to take some pictures. The sun decided to shine for part of the day so we took advantage and walked the property a bit. Chris took the tractor out for a joy ride to clear a few of the pastures. I am posting some pictures.














As you can see…. there is junk everywhere! There was junk left by the previous residents in every stall as well as every pasture and behind the barn and both sheds. Its all overgrown and we have many hours of work ahead of us!

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We have arrived in Savannah Georgia!!

Let me tell you… moving to a house sight unseen is scary! I found the rental on craigslist and had my husband (who was already in Georgia working) go look at it. 14 acres and 500 sq feet bigger then the house we were in plus a 8 stall barn….. the house would have to be falling apart for us not to take it! The pictures of the home and land were nice and my husband said it was perfect for what we were looking for. So we signed the lease and paid deposits and the place was ours!
I packed up our whole house while Chris was working in Savannah. He flew back to Nashville on moving day and we rented the biggest U-haul truck they had.. plus the biggest trailer. It was crazy and busy and hot! We had friends and family help us load the truck and we got it done sooner then expected.
Let me just say…. 7 chickens, 20 baby chicks, 11 rabbits, 3 kids and 1 cat all in my mini-van for a ten hour drive…. STINKY!!
That was one drive I hope to never do again! We even moved our chicken coop and all of my plants.
But we are here now! The house is great and I can see us happy hear for a long time. But the land… holy cow do we have some work to do! The pasture grass is taller then I am! I worry about the snakes so I haven’t let the kids out there a lot yet. But we are working on it as we get settled in. I thought it was hot in Nashville…. NOT! I can hardly breath outside during the day! But we work on the yard a little at a time. It would be easier to get everything cleared and mowed if we didn’t have 4 inches of standing water everywhere! The rain just wont stop!! Everyone tells me that this is not normal and that It shouldn’t be this bad all the time. I’m still waiting to see dry ground so the jury is still out!
We have arrived!