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Our raised bed garden is done!

Raised bed garden

What do you think of the finished project? I planted herb seeds as well as some spinach and arugula and lettuce along the end but they have not sprouted yet. I love the way it looks and I like to sit on the deck and listen to the water fountain. I love to see a project completed. =)


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Update on shade garden bed

We are almost done building our raised bed. I have taken some “before” pictures and posted them in the last post and now I’m going to post some “during” pictures. I cant wait for the plants to go in do that I can take some “after Pictures!! Its coming together nicely though!






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Shade Garden- Raised bed project

Yesterday I started my first raised bed project. I really like our deck off the kitchen except for one main thing. Under the deck is open and it is an eye sore. Its ugly under there and detracts from the look of the deck. I’m solving this problem by building a tall raised bed along the side of the deck. It will be at least 2 feet tall, preferably 2 1/2 feet tall. This side of the deck doesn’t get much sun so I plan to plant herbs veggies and flowers that tolerate shade well. This shade garden comes with a fountain and fairy garden!
We are using mostly recycled material or things I already have on hand. I found a blue plastic drum in the barn that was probably used to water horses from the previous residents so I carted that out and washed it out. It now sits next to the stairs of our deck with water in it. The fountain and pump I already had and am thankful it still works. We had a lot of landscaping logs from our last house that we brought with us so those are being used as the raised bed. I still need to go buy a few more but it will only cost me $20 to get the logs I need. I already started most of the plants from seed over the weekend so I should have some herbs to go in the ground as soon as this project is done!
The nice thing about having a barn and 14 acres is that there is a lot of organic material. It would cost me a lot of money to buy bags of dirt to fill a raised bed that’s 2 1/2 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 24 feet long! So today I will be collecting grass clippings, old horse manure that was left in the stalls and sand near the pond. I have my compost bin going and will have some nice compost in a month or two as well. My rabbits and chickens provide me some really nice compost which I need to go shovel today. I think I can do a fairly good job filling this tall raised bed without buying much other then the landscaping logs.
Once this shade garden bed is done, Lexy and I plan to build a fairy garden next to the water fountain. We are particularly excited about it and have been looking at pictures of fairy gardens. We plan to make a fairy house and a mini garden with little rocks that we find at the beach as stepping stones. We even plan to build our fairy a mini dock hanging out over the water of our fountain. Its going to be a fun project her and I can work on together!


The amount of junk that was left around the house amazes me! Part of this project involved clean up before we could even start building the raised bed. I will update with more pictures once I have finished. Ta ta for now!