Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

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Homestead Butchering

Well its official! We are producing our own meat! I had my new fried Megan come teach me how. The first time, we butchered 4 rabbits. This past week we butchered 2 rabbits and four roosters! To date, we have eaten one of the rabbits and one of the roosters. I made chicken broth using the smallest rooster and shredded the chicken meat for dinner. We used the home made chicken broth for Thanksgiving dinner in our stuffing. I feel pretty accomplished! Today I need to use my pressure canner to can up the rest of the broth in jars.


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Its November and still growing Veggies!

Its mid November and up until last night, have had no frost. Last night we got a cold front and we woke up to frost all over the ground. I had covered up my veggies with plastic but I obviously still have a lot to learn when it comes to growing through the winter. I put the plastic directly over the crops as the wind kept blowing my frame over. So I draped the plastic directly over the plants and tucked it in on all sides and used 2X4’s to hold it in place.
So I know now that its not enough just to drape plastic over the plants. Each leaf that was touching the plastic froze and wilted and died by morning. All the leaves under the larger taller leaves are still OK though. I am still thrilled that here in Savannah Ga, the first frost date was all the way into November on the 13th! I’m thinking I need to keep the plastic off the plant. I will be researching more on cold frames and green house covers so that I can do better next time.
I still have a lot to learn.