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Dry canning

I learned how to can dry goods in mason jars. I wish I had a Food Saver with the mason jar attachment… but I dont. So the way I make sure my jars get sealed is to use an oxygen absorber inside the jar. Today I canned a few packages of the 15 Bean soup you can buy in the dry beans section of the grocery store. Inside the package is 15 types of beans as well as a seasoning packet. I poured half the beans into my mason jar and then placed the seasoning packet down the middle and then covered it with the rest of the beans. I cut off the instructions for making the soup off the package and placed in the jar on top of the beans. I then added an oxygen absorber on top then screwed on the lid. After about 20 minutes the oxygen absorber has done its job and taken out all the oxygen inside the jar and sealed the lid down tight.

The food inside the jar will now last way longer then the expiration date on the package.

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