Urban Basics

Getting back to basics in an urban setting

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Learning to Render Lard

The pigs were delivered today in cute little white packages.
unnamed (18)
The first pig dressed out at 133 pounds and the second was 137 lbs. They didn’t seem that big but I am happy with the amount of pork I now have in my fridge and freezer. I sold one pig to a friend and I have the other.
I have all the pig fat and have been reading up on how to render lard. SO today I started my first attempt ever at making lard. Two things I didn’t know that I do know now:
1. Its very easy to render lard but it is time consuming
2. It STINKS! My whole house now smells like hot pig fat.
I have company coming in the morning so Im cringing… can you imagine what my house is going to smell like to guests? ew..
I just finished my first quart of lard.unnamed (17)
I just hope the rest of it finishes before I fall asleep. I made the mistake of putting large pieces of fat in the crock pot so its taking a very long time to melt down. Once its melted down, I will use a piece of cheesecloth and spoon the hot lard into the mason jar through the cheesecloth to filter any pieces of meat or gristle.


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The pigs have left the building!

The two pigs have been loaded on the truck and carted off to the butcher today. I cant wait to get all that meat loaded into my freezer. This is the first set of large animals raised for meat on our little farm. I learned a lot and hope to raise more pigs in the future. Now… if I could just figure out how to feed them cheaper… FYI… pigs eat A LOT!!unnamed (6)